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Last minute Christmas card

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Need the kids to make a card in a short amount of time? Try this stunning 3D bauble card.

Materials needed:

  • card paper

  • watercolours

  • colouring pencils

  • foam paper

Both kids founds this activity really easy to follow along with. I was modelling for them on a scrap piece of paper and they got the idea pretty well.

We started with a brown pencil and used it to draw some lines for our branches. We were not seeking perfection beyond the fact that the smaller branches shouldn't stick out at a 90 degree angle or point backwards. Other than that, it was all good!

Then we found some green watercolour and followed our brown pencil lines. We tried to have some green on either side of each brown line we had made.

Lastly, the pencil detail. I gave the kids two different shades of green pencil to draw in the pine needles. I was feeling very Hermione as I kept telling them to swish and flick the pencil! They managed to achieve the flicking motion eventually to get that nice thinner-at-the-end look.

For the bauble, we happened to have some glittery foam paper left over. So mummy cut out a bunch of circles. We used 4 circles for each bauble. Each circle gets folded in half and the halves are glued together to make a ball. The last two edges get glued to the card instead of to each other. I would definitely suggest doing this with a glue gun. I didn't have mine on hand when we did these and we needed to use wood glue (similar to PVA) and my took 24 hours to get it fully dry with using clothes pegs to keep them together and everything!

And hey, presto! A simple card ready to be gifted to friends and family. Honestly, we took more time waiting for the glue to dry than making the card!

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