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The Mystery of the Missing Tooth Fairy

Once upon a time there was me. I had a very wobbly tooth. And it didn't want to come out so I pulled it out myself with Daddy next to me.

I was so excited that the Tooth Fairy would come to visit me at night. But the Tooth Fairy didn't come that night. Or the next night. Or the night after that.

I was beginning to feel sad because the Tooth Fairy had forgotten all about me.

On the fourth night, the Tooth Fairy finally came and left me a coin for my tooth. And I felt so happy that the Tooth Fairy had come.

But why was she so late?

I asked my Daddy. He didn't know.

I asked my Mummy. She didn't know either.

But we think she got stuck in the airport because of Covid!

[Written by Miss 6 and edited by Mrs Mummy]

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