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Miyagase Dam Day Trip

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

A wonderful place to take kids just west of Tokyo. Lots of real life learning and lots of fresh air.

Any child who has watched Frozen II will surely be in awe of this massive dam. The morning sun angles so that the spray catches the light to create a stunning rainbow and add just that little bit of extra magic to the scene.

The dam was only constructed in 2000 and is one of several dams supplying Tokyo with a smaller one within a 5minute walk downstream. There is a cable car (for a small fee) that lifts you right up the wall of the dam as well as an elevator that is free to use. Sadly we were not able to go on these as they were shut down due to Covid-19, however the spectacular hike we went on instead was definitely worth it. There is an extensive park at the top with a breathtaking view and plenty of toilets along the way!

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